It can be a roaring good time to sit around in sweatpants, eat something horrible for you, and watch YouTube videos of people who use their huge paychecks to transform themselves into goddesses. For whatever reason, I usually love watching unattainable beauty videos… but once in a while, it just gets sad. Once in a while, I want to take my hair advice from someone who doesn’t own a Celine bag. That’s where essiebutton comes in.

Not only does Estée know her way around a bright lipstick, but she also knows how to talk to a camera like it’s her best friend. If you’ve been looking for a makeup guru who feels like someone you could hang out with in real life, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll fall in love with her. Here are five videos to get you started with your new obsession!

1. Heated Rollers Tutorial for Volume!

I’ve never had luck with rollers, but watching Estée create a great style– while still goofing around a bit– might be the push I need to try again.

2. July Beauty Favorites!

It’s pretty standard for a beauty blogger to talk about her favorite products of the month, but no one does it quite like her. “I have managed to pry myself away from an episode of Dr. Phil,” she says, laughing, “long enough to film the July favorites.” Adorable.

3. Sephora & Ulta Beauty Haul!

I can pretty much bond with anyone who shares my obsession with Sephora. I love her little offhanded quotes, too: “Spending of the money happened. It happened quite a bit.”

4. 4 Summer Outfits!

Why is it so relaxing to see what strangers choose to wear to farmers’ markets? Fashion videos like this one will always be my guilty pleasure. Her commentary is flawless, too: “When I saw this t-shirt, I was like, Yes. Get in my belly. Not in my belly. On my belly.”

5. My Evening Routine.

She might be down-to-earth and relatable, but she also has a freaking beautiful apartment. Just seeing her make dinner and wash her face makes me want to redecorate my entire life. This video is oddly calming for me.

If you’re falling in love with Estée, make sure to follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her channel. Oh, and don’t be afraid to tell her we sent you!