Estee Lauder PowerFoil MaskThere are so many different masks coming out. We have bubble masks, charcoal masks, splash masks and sheet masks in many different variations. There are those made from traditional cotton, silk, rice paper and even those that are made from fruit. There is such a variety and new launches constantly coming out that it takes something very different for people to sit up and really take notice. That’s what happened with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask, $79.

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The new launch introduced us to foil masks. The PowerFoil mask captured everyone’s attention because not only was it a completely new innovation, but it also made the wearer look like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. Therefore, I thought it was the perfect product to kick off our new Weird or Wonderful column.

The foil backing isn’t just something that will earn you Instagram likes. It has a function. It creates a protective barrier which allows the ingredients to penetrate better and to help lock in moisture. You can think of it as the skin care version of the foil wrapping they use on your burrito to keep it warm. You want maximum absorption because the Estee Lauder PowerFoil Mask is formulated with a double dose of the brand’s Advanced Night Repair Serum.

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You get four masks for $79, so that works out to about $20 per mask. That is on the higher end of the scale for sheet masks and a lot of the other kinds of masks when you consider their post per wear.

The mask comes in two pieces, one for the top of your face and one for the bottom. You peel off the backing then apply them to your face. After 10 minutes, you remove the mask and pat in any remaining serum. It’s recommended that you use it once a week, and that is ideal for moisturizing, brightening and anti-aging.

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When you remove the mask from the package, it is quite thick. There are some masks that you have to be very careful unwrapping because you feel they could rip so easily but this one is strong enough that you do not have to be extremely gentle. It is also seriously saturated with serum. There was still a lot of residue left in the package and on the backing when I removed the mask. Estee Lauder PowerFoil Mask Open

I like masks that come in two separate pieces because they allow for a better fit because you can adjust them to your face shape. The mask fit snugly and securely and I did not need to readjust it. I was able to move around and bend while wearing the mask, which is something I haven’t been able to do with some masks for fear they would slip off my face.

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The foil on the mask isn’t like the kitchen foil you use. It is a lot thinner and more pliable, and it obviously isn’t sharp like that stuff. If it was the case, you would end up with a couple cuts on your face.Estee Lauder PowerFoil Mask Test

The 10 minutes wearing the mask went by very fast. I thought the mask might start to get a bit hot because the foil would hold in your body heat, but it didn’t. I wasn’t anywhere close to sweating when I removed the mask. When I took it off, my skin felt great. I didn’t even need to touch my face to notice a difference. It felt firmer and soothed. There was a noticeable difference before I applied the mask and after, even after one use.

Sometimes when you remove a mask, there is so much serum still sitting on the skin, but most of it was absorbed. I could feel the mask was already drying around the seven-minute mark.

Verdict: Wonderful. If I could, I would probably wear one every night. It made my face feel that good. My face was moisturized and not irritated. Wearing one every night would probably be excessive, but a weekly mask treatment would definitely make a difference. It’s 10 minute and requires very little effort to use.

As for the appearance of my skin, when I removed the mask, my face looked calmer yet it had more of a glow than before the mask. When I followed it up with my regular nighttime routine, I also noticed a difference in how quickly the other products absorbed.

Bottom line: It turns out Tin Man skin care is very good.

(Photos: Heather Cichowski/The Gloss)