Eva Mendes EllenEva Mendes continued the long-held celebrity tradition of “stepping out” post-pregnancy looking fabulous. Eva appeared on a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, and looked predictably gorgeous. Eva’s appearance on Ellen is one of her first major public appearances since she gave birth to her daughter, Esmeralda Gosling. (I still can’t get over how adorable and princess-y that name is.)

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Eva wore a festive red dress and sparkly necklace and looked like her usual glamorous self. Even if she has been spending the last few months in dirty sweatpants with a dribble bib over her shoulder, you’d never know. (Another essential rule on how to successfully step out post-pregnancy.) Of course Eva will get lots of praise about how great she looks considering she only had a baby on September 12. (Just under three months ago!) But she does deserve it. Look at her. Her skin is glowing, and her hair is gorgeous. However, I don’t know if that’s from the baby, or the fact that her partner is Ryan Gosling.

Ellen asked Eva the usual questions you ask a celeb who has just had a baby, like if Esmeralda was sleeping. Eva had the the perfect relatable-but-not-too-relatable answer about how she is getting the hang of parenting, but she has never been more exhausted in her life. Ellen then asked if she could reveal the “first photo” on Esmeralda. Check out the video to see the hilarious picture. This may not be in the traditional “celebrity stepping out post-baby” handbook, but it’s amazing.