Wrapping stuff up, here, since TheGloss is, at heart, a “fashion and beauty site.” Here’s pretty much everything I know about make-up for the last day:

Probably don’t wear it in summer? It’s going to sweat down your face.

Probably just never wear mascara. Honestly, it’s assured to sweat down your face in any kind of weather, 100% of the time. Mascara is the devil’s wand.

Eyelash extensions. Don’t go to the scary nail salon places that do them, but do them. They are terrific. The reason you should not go to the scary nail salon places is that sometimes they use superglue to glue the eyelashes on.

I think a lot of situations have been improved by red lipstick.

Lip plumpers do actually work.

Wrinkle cream does nothing. The only thing that will probably do anything is sunscreen and Botox, and sunscreen is cheaper.  Even though it is a pain to apply.

If you dip and angled brush in water, and then run it through black eyeshadow, you can create a pretty smooth eyeliner line.

If you want lipstick to stay for a really long time, apply lipstick, put a piece of Kleenex over your mouth, and then run powder over that. I think it works. I barely ever do it, but I hear good things.

Wear primer if you’re going to apply foundation. Always wear primer. I cannot stress how important that is, the primer thing.

If you use a light shade of powder on your upper eyelid, it makes your eyes look bigger.

If you use eyeliner around your eyes it makes them look smaller.

And…. that’s all.

Picture via Getty.