Oh, God, I just found you the best excuse to avoid going to the gym. You aren’t lazy. You are possibly just allergic to exercise.

Except, no, an exercise allergy actually sounds awful? One mother says it caused her eyes to swell shut uncontrollably:

‘One day I went to the gym with my mum. I just did a normal work-out then my eyes started feeling tight.

‘Mum said they looked funny. She was really worried so she took me to A&E. They put a cold compress on my eyes and prescribed me antihistamines.

‘It helped but it kept happening. I’d planned to walk everywhere to help lose my baby weight but I’d walk a few hundred yards and swell up.

‘It took me years to realise that exercise was the trigger.’

She was ultimately diagnosed with Exercise-Induced Angioedema, which is linked to an under-active thyroid. In addition to impeding your ability to go to the gym, it also puts a serious damper on your sex life.
However, if you’re the kind of person who occasionally gets drunk and refers to themselves as an alcoholic, or says they have OCD because they have a tidy desk, and you also hate to go to the gym, you can say you have EIA. That was my gift to you, terrible person.
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