Hands up if you keep your makeup products so long that you don’t remember when you bought them? And does it pain you to throw away anything that’s not completely empty? Well, you might have a change of heart after seeing one Redditor’s photos that prove why we should definitely be tossing expired makeup.

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Redditor Semicolon_Expected decided to carry out a little science experiment on some of her old makeup products before she tossed them away. She swabbed them into a petri dish and decided to wait a few days to see what happened. Spoiler alert: The results were pretty gross.

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In the post, the redditor explains that she didn’t put the petri dish in an incubator because she doesn’t own one but the summer heat was enough to get bacteria growing where she swabbed a liquid lipstick and a mascara.

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If you’re feeling a bit sick from all of the talk about bacteria in makeup, some Reddit users are saying that the bacteria present might not be a harmful kind. Furthermore, they say that it also might not survive given the conditions of the petri dish. Others are also thinking the bacteria might have resulted on what was on the petri dish before.

No matter what other tests would prove, the point is that we definitely don’t want to be keeping our makeup products for too long. And we definitely don’t want to be applying anything that’s old to our faces.