Eye color-enhancing mascaras. Nearly every makeup line has added one lately (like Cover Girl’s Exact Eyelights, seen here), but are they worth all the fuss?

I must say, I am completely intrigued. The thought of using light reflectors to illuminate one’s complexion is certainly commonplace in the cosmetics world these days, but does the same thought process hold true for mascara as well? Can these formulas really make my baby blues more babyish? I really want to know!

True, I could run out and buy any number of these things at a drugstore and it’ll only set me back somewhere in the neighborhood of $8-$10. But, I’m cheap. So I’m hoping you can help.

Have you tried these? If so, were you impressed? Are they worth upping a ten spot for or would I be better off spending that money on a giant plate of nachos?

If you’ve tried these eye color-enhancing mascaras, let us know. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been dying to give them a whirl. If you’ve got the scoop, bring it – we’d be much appreciative, for sure!

Image: Drugstore.com