If there’s one thing that I’m particular about, it’s washing my face. That’s probably why I’m always on the look out for the best facial wash, makeup remover, or skin toner. I like cleaning my face. I often make it a point to wash my face when I get up in the morning (or night, as the case may be) and yes, I try to wash it within the day if I feel icky.


I’ve heard it said before that you shouldn’t wash your face more than twice a day, reason being is that it will dry up your skin. I’m not quite sure if there’s any truth in that but I was a bit alarmed by it. However, I reckon moderation is key. Now, I only wash my face before going to bed, when taking a bath, after waking up or when I’ve perspired or need to remove my makeup. All reasons seems valid to me, don’t you agree?

Anyway, I came across this wash technique, Double Cleansing, that makes it easy for a person to see the important areas that need cleaning. As you can see, it’s not merely putting the foam on the face and rubbing that does the deed but there are ways to make sure you’ve done it properly.

Double Cleansing is approached in two stages: for STAGE 1, eliminate excess sebum and the make-up and for STAGE 2, eliminate the impurities. Which mainly tells you that there are a set of products that should be used for stage one and another for stage two.

We often overlook certain areas of the face, you see, areas that if left untended will develop irritation and damage later on. These areas are: skin along the hairline, eyelids and under the eyes, crevices on either side of the nose, and the skin running along the jawline between the chin, cheekbones and the ears.


Seen on the topmost image, steps 1 to 5 takes you to the important parts, making sure you’ve scrubbed every nook and cranny of your face, hopefully, removing accumulated dirt and excess oils. Erstwhile, massaging the face to encourage blood circulation. Then steps 6 to 7 takes you through an effective way of rinsing.

Don’t forget to make sure that you work the foam until you’ve achieved a fine texture before washing your face with it.

This technique forms stage two. Stage one merely tells us to use cleansing oils, creams or gels to make sure that we have removed excess oils and makeup prior using foam, making sure that we’ve cleaned the surface twice, hence, the term, Double Cleansing.

It’s recommended that you use lotions, creams or hydrating essences after washing. These products increases and lengthens the effectiveness of the cleansing you’ve done.

For a clean and luminous skin, Double Cleansing is certainly a great idea. It’ll definitely help get you a more radiant and healthy looking skin esp when done regularly. I recommend that you do this every night or when you know you can take your time doing it or you won’t be rushed.

Bento Beauty Tip: Use the middle finger when washing and massaging the face then pat skin with towel to dry. Never rub the skin.

Images courtesy of Kanebo