468622011TM00035_Skingraft_The latest beauty trend for fall 2014 doesn’t have anything to do with lipstick, eyeshadow or even blush. According to Elle, freckles are one of the biggest beauty trends for the new season. Yes, freckles. Don’t worry, if you’re not naturally-blessed with freckles, it is perfectly acceptable to draw them on. Fake freckles are just as popular as the real ones–provided you make them look convincing.468622011TM00019_Skingraft_

I know you’re thinking that this sounds ridiculous. Saying that freckles is a trend is like saying that ears or tongues are popular. But it’s not that different than our recent obsession with eyebrows. (Thanks for that Cara Delevingne.)

The trend is all about natural (and natural-looking) freckles. Thankfully, it’s not meant to look like you’re dressing up as Pippi Longstocking for Halloween. The look is much more subtle as shown in these photos from the Skingraft Fall 2014 runway show. Think a few well-placed specks rather than six symmetrical polka dots on your cheeks. It’s sort of like the old beauty trend where people would draw on a fake mole à la Cindy Crawford.468622011TM00035_Skingraft_

Even if you think that drawing freckles on your face is completely stupid, I’m sure this trend is good for natural freckle-faced girls. There’s always lots of talk about how to cover up freckles, or even how to get rid of them permanently, so this could help everyone love freckles a bit more. It goes along with the body positive trend of the normcore body, which though the idea of body shapes being “in” or “out” seems silly, it’s more empowering than declaring red lipstick as the must have shade of fall 2014.

Ladies with freckles, do you think this is good or bad? And those without natural freckles, are you tempted to try the trend? Or do you think it is best left for Halloween? I think it could be a cute, youthful look when down right, but I think this is one that requires a lot of trialing at home before you attempt it in public. The only thing worse than obviously fake freckles are smudged ones, that are migrating down your face.

[h/t: Elle]

(Photos: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)