Much like curly hair versus straight hair, freckles versus no freckles seems to be one of those “the grass is always greener” situations. As a freckle-less individual (except for one on my right index finger that helps me tell my left from my right), I’ve always thought freckles were super cute, and wished I had some of them myself. (I should also mention that I have a weird thing for gingers.) But several of my freckle-faced friends growing up hated theirs with a passion as fiery as their lovely red hair.

I can only imagine, then, that painting fake freckles on models might be a contentious issue. Continuing a trend started last year by Rachel Comey, Rag & Bone decided to paint some subtle freckles on the models in their S/S 2012 show to create a summery, surfer girl vibe. On the one hand, this is probably one of the least offensive ways a fashion brand has ever altered its models’ skin. On the other, I can see how people with real freckles might be sort of annoyed by this. At least the fake beauty marks of the nineties were supposed to look fake. This trend reminds me of my redheaded high school friend who despised bottle redheads, or my glasses-wearing friend’s rancor towards people who wore prescription-less glasses. What’s next, prosthetic noses? Prosthetic…other things that some people feel weird about having, even though other people think they look nice? How do you feel?

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