Goggle-tanYou guys, the Daily Mail is trying to make goggle tans happen.

Some joker appears to have told the Daily Mail‘s Bianca London that young women are going to tanning salons in droves, then getting spray-tanned while wearing nothing but ski goggles to result in a fake goggle tan that makes it look like they’ve been skiing.

Consider us skeptical.

“It’s quite staggering the number of people coming in for a fake ski tan,” said a spokesperson for one salon. “To start with I had no idea what they were doing. They come in with a ski mask and come out of the tanning booth with big white patches on their eyes. I asked one girl why she does it and she said incredibly that it’s the latest fashion to have a fake ski tan to make it look like you’ve been to skiing. It’s got so popular I’ve bought a ski mask to offer customers the fake ski tan.”

Maybe we’re just not hip to what the kids are up to, but this is a pretty strange look for someone to be going for. While we can see how the goggle tan look might be pretty cool if one were actually going skiing and wanted everyone to know, the spray-tan version is not likely to look nearly as natural. No one wants a Lohan tan just from the nose down.

And it doesn’t make a ton of sense because it’s not even really ski season yet. It won’t make you believably look like you just got back from an awesome vacation, unless you’re pretending that you went to Aspen, ruined your skis on some rocks, then just got drunk for three days on top of the mountain and took the lift down.  (Actually, that does sound like a pretty awesome vacation.)

A tanning expert from St. Tropez says she’s been asked to create the look for après-ski themed fashion shoots, but not in real life.

We’re going to need proof before we believe that anyone has ever actually done this. Does anyone know a person who has actually tried this look in real life?

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Flickr/MikeDunn