Awesome Fashion Blogger Posts Before & After Photoshopped Street Style PicturesHot on the tails of ModCloth’s pledge to no longer Photoshop its models, a popular New York-based fashion blogger named Dana Suchow has admitted to Photoshopping her street style pictures in a post revealing some of the edits she has made. Her blog, Do The Hotpants, is host to tons of fun photos of outfits she and others are wearing, but she now admits she has altered her image for the site–which is really, really awesome of her to talk about.

In her post, she says while it’s her “ongoing mission to lift the veil that is currently suffocating us women,” she has not been “entirely truthful” and has edited some of her images.

I’ve decided to expose the instances where I used photoshop to distort and change my body. I know it might only look like an inch or 2 removed from my waist, or a couple zits blurred here and there, but my stomach and my skin have been huge insecurities for me my entire life. So me revealing these images to you are a HUGE DEAL 4 ME & not to be taken lightly. I’m putting my flaws out there, as little or as big as they seem, so please respect that this isn’t easy for anyone.

Personally, I do not think it is necessarily a big deal that Suchow has edited her pictures because (1) they’re her pictures and (2) she should have control over whatever she puts on her site, especially when it comes to her own image. However, I do think it is a big deal that she talked about it on her blog, being very transparent about her before and after images.

While anybody who follows The Gloss knows I regularly take photos of myself for the site, whether it’s to prove that spending $41 on “miracle makeup” is dumb or to get opinions on my recent hair makeover, but what I do not discuss quite as frequently anymore is how insecure I tend to get when it comes to comparing myself to other women. While I am no longer making myself sick, I would be lying if I said I don’t go to NYFW and feel a little awful. It’s not so much the actual models as the other style bloggers; they’re often so polished and modelesque, they look like models themselves…but they’re my age and have my job, which makes it hard not to compare myself to them. Sometimes, seeing fashion bloggers post all their amazing photos of how beautifully they wear clothes makes me feel awkward and bad at it, so on a personal level, I am genuinely happy that she did this. And grateful, in a way.

Head over to Do The Hotpants to see more awesome photos and posts from Dana! We know we’re adding her to our Feedly right this minute.

Photos courtesy of Dana Suchow.