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On Monday, we introduced you to Stella Boonshoft who, in the last few days, has gone from NYU student to an international symbol for body acceptance. Since her “scandalous” photo of her in her underwear was picked up by Humans of New York, it’s been viewed over 4 million times. Yes, the girl has hit the big time and this is just the beginning.

As blogs and websites around the world are rapidly picking up this story, Boonshoft has been bombarded with media requests as well as commentary from trolls — many of which are just disgustingly wrong and inaccurate. The good are more common than the bad in the comment area, but man, do the trolls love to punch below the belt.

If you check out her blog, The Body Love Blog, you’ll see that in the last 24 hours she has added to it immensely and has taken on those who feel that all people who are not thin are automatically unhealthy (she lists her cholesterol, blood pressure and pretty much a doctor’s note as proof that she’s healthy.) If you recall, this was also a source of contention for the asshole who criticized La Crosse, Wisconsin news anchor, Jennifer Livingston for her “irresponsibility” of being overweight while in the public eye. And like Livingston, Boonshoft is telling these people to shove it. What it’s coming down to is less about a photo she took and more about a crusade to take action. She wants to make this more about everyone else, and less about her.

“Never underestimate the huge middle finger you are giving to the world when you make peace with your body.” – Frances Lockie

Now that her audience has reached an astronomical amount, she has decided that she’s not very comfortable with sharing what was meant to be a personal blog chronicling her life and thoughts with the world. She also feels that this “endeavor is finished.” So, with that in mind, she and Brandon Stanton of the site that started all this, Humans of New York, are reinventing the blog:

I’m hoping it will turn the focus off of me, and onto a much larger issue. I want this blog to turn into something about YOU, not me.

It is all very exciting. I’m not going to reveal details yet, but trust me, this is going to be beautiful. I know that because you all are beautiful.

Can you feel it? There is a change in the air.

With women who are already in the public eye like plus size models and Jennifer Livingston standing up to society’s expectations, we are on the road to something great. And now an unknown who just wanted to share her personal body acceptance becoming a positive image for women everywhere virtually overnight, it feels as though we have a revolution on our hands.

Women who do not fit the mold of what’s considered traditionally beautiful because of their weight will not be bound in invisible corsets to keep them tiny and mum, they’re fucking over it; they’re ready to begin their crusade. And although there will always be those who will try to get in their way either because they’re misinformed, trolls out to cause trouble or just simply haters, the pendulum is swinging and will eventually find its way permanently on the other side — where it will stay and where it belongs.

In the words of Stella Boonshoft:


and FUCK YOU ALL who tried to degrade my being and sense of self with your hurtful comments and actions.



Something tells me that the girl, Emily, who bullied Stella in middle school is sitting somewhere feeling like a real asshole right now, because this bullied kid is totally winning. Not that life is a competition, of course, but everyone loves to see the underdog take her proper place in the sun.

Watch Stella and Brandon below on Today yesterday morning.


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Photo: The Body Love Blog