Twitter’s Fat Shaming Week is a total disaster, and YouTube champion Meghan Tonjes won’t let you ignore it.

The trending topics page has always been a bastion of human decency and intelligence. It’s hosted philosophical conversations about #bigdickproblems, shown us how much of the world is #hornyforbieber, and proven that misogyny and spelling ineptitude often go hand in hand with #mygirlfriendnotaloudto. Naturally, I was floored to hear that hundreds of Twitter users are participating in a new holiday devoted to humiliating strangers: #fatshamingweek.

“#fatshamingweek because I’m fed up with visiting popular restaurant chains that resemble overrun troughs of sweaty, obese pigs,” writes Twitter user @Feisty_Woman, who sounds like a lovely person. “The fatter you get, the less you will be loved. #fatshamingweek,” says @LaidNYC, whom I hope to God does not get laid anywhere.

But fear not! To the rescue comes YouTuber Meghan Tonjes, whose outspoken body positivity vlogs have become just as popular as her original songs. In a recent video, Tonjes reads a sample of tweets from #fatshamingweek so pathetic that I considered pouring Purell in my ears (“Every walk is a walk of shame if you’re fat”– gag me), and she expertly throws the shame back to people who deserve it:

“I refuse to entertain the notion that publicly shaming people for being big, or fat, or anything that makes you uncomfortable, is anything but completely demeaning, ignorant, and disgusting. You should know that it’s no one’s job to defend themselves as being worthy of existence.”


But don’t call Tonjes humorless. The vlogger makes it clear that she isn’t raining on a parade of harmless fun—she’s exposing the way these particular jokes make life harder for individual people. “This goes beyond jokes. This goes to a mindset that people have that it’s okay to make people feel like they’re not worthy of respect or love,” she says, laying down the law.

Check out Meghan Tonjes’s video and give it a thumbs up if you want to see more of her. I’ll just be over here, contemplating which quote from the video I should tattoo across my face. In the lead? “You’re making the world worse. Stop.”

You tell ‘em, Meghan.