Lately, we have been discussing mistakes that we all made when we were 13 years old, from over-plucking our eyebrows to frying our hair with heat tools to wearing arbitrary slogan t-shirts. To continue our nostalgic walk down memory lane, let’s talk about the things we loved most as teens: weird beauty products! Aside from all the terrible things puberty gifted us with, there were so many silly, wonderful and odd makeup and hair trends for us all to enjoy.

Whether you grew up in the 80s, 90s, 2000s or any other decade (hey, even the 1800s had some truly terrible trends), you probably wore bizarre beauty items out in public and embarrassed your mother at least a little bit. When I was 13, my absolute favorite makeup products were the following:

  • Bath & Body Works Art Stuff glitter in “Blue Raspberry,” which was inexplicably a flavor, scent and color that blew up in the 90s
  • White frosted lipstick
  • Thick, icy-blue eyeliner
  • Concealer in the wrong color

I remember being genuinely convinced that if I wore the aforementioned white frosted lipstick to the coed soccer camp my parents sent me to, I would inevitably come back with a really attractive boyfriend who wore headbands in his big, fluffy hair. Spoiler alert: I did not, and never wound up dating a soccer player ever. I blame the lipstick.

As for my hair, I absolutely loved doing the teensy tiny braids that Heather mentioned. I would spend an hour just doing thin braids on my hair while it was still wet at night, then wake up and take them out and be disappointed at how not modelesque I looked. And then I would try this technique again approximately six more times that month, then put cutesy barrettes in my awkward pasta-inspired waves.

So, dear readers, share with me your embarrassments (or sources of nostalgic pride!) now that I’ve shared mine. What was your favorite beauty product when you were 13? Tell us in the comments!