Are you all about your brows? Are you one of those people who is a firm believer that brows are an important part of a beauty look, or the most important part? If you’re someone who is all about eyebrows on fleek, then the #FeatherBrow trend is for you.

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While feather brows might not involve as much brow pencil and wax as traditional brows on fleek, they are just as statement-making. The trend is where you “part” your brow hairs horizontally down the middle and move the hairs to opposite sides to create a feather-like look.

Lipstick reports that the look was popularized by Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen from the Instagram Stella recently posted a photo of herself sporting a soft pink lip and coral eye makeup, but it was her #FeatherBrow that stole the show.

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If you like the look of brushed-up brows, the feather brow trend is essentially a mirrored version of that look. Some people who are obsessed with “groomed” brows might balk at brushing part of their brows down, but they have to admit that it is an interesting effect.

If you want to create the look yourself, you’re going to need an eyebrow brush plus a very good brow wax or gel. Stella opted for a more natural approach and didn’t pump up the color of her brows with pencil, but you could always add it in. You could even take the feather theme to the next level by adding a few different colors to your brows so they mimic actual feathers. Now that is a look for festival season.