I guess men across the world were insanely jealous of women for having all that fun hot-gluing sequins and “crystal tattoos” onto their labia. Well, lucky for men, the Pejazzle is here. I’m kind of surprised it took so long.

Thank you DListed:

Mark Wright of the UK TV Show The Only Way Is Essex has been chosen as the face of Pejazzling and tells the Daily Mail that he thinks this shit is going to be a hit! Mark says, “Men wear diamond watches and bling earrings – this is no different. Think of it just like a crystal tattoo – and it’s less permanent than a real one. Any good looking bloke can wear Pejazzles,’ he continues. Prince William perhaps?”

I feel like–with the introduction of the Pejazzle–the world of groin-embellishment has really opened up. There’s all kinds of new designs I’m looking forward to, like perhaps a crystal ruler design? Moreover, this is great news for Jennifer Love-Hewitt, who can finally sexually humiliate fully any man she dates.

Also. Can we talk about this:

It’s a real thing.