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Of all the celebrities who’ve “cut all their hair off” and documented it as of late—Karlie, Beyonce, Coco—none have actually, literally cut their own hair. Until now.

The notoriously camera-shy Fiona Apple caught the internet’s attention today with a rare social media posting designed to drum up publicity for her upcoming tour. (Which is going to be awesome, btw.) Or rather, the video was posted by Record Collection, tourmate Blake Mills‘ record label, but I’m assuming Fiona was a willing participant.

In a self-conscious parody of herself in manic mode, a facial mask wearing Fiona can be seen snipping away at her own head while making funny faces in the mirror. It’s not actually that short, but for someone who doesn’t appear to have changed her hairstyle since the nineties, it’s a pretty big change. “I can’t even look at myself,” she mumbles to herself. “Gotta do it with a mask on cause all the blemishes are covered…I’m gonna fucking cry!…God, I (inaudible) crazy…that’s how shit has to happen, though.” She is so high! Don’t post a boring ass hair video, celebrities, if you’re not prepared to make it as great as this.

Record Collection also posted a less confusing video of Fiona singing a heartfelt acoustic version of “I Know” (off her super-great 1999 album When The Pawn…) accompanied by Mills on the guitar as she strokes an older lady’s hand. Whether her bun is a pre-haircut hairdo or a post-haircut effort to conceal, one thing’s for sure: her voice will never not give me the chills. And if there’s anything Fiona’s “most stylish” VMA taught us, it’s that no one pulls off “crazy granny panties bad dye job chic” like she does.

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