As Jamie pointed out earlier today, you’ve may have noticed clumps of feathers protruding from ponytails and loose waves all over (or, at left, on the Gucci runway). Turns out the quickly-becoming-ubiquitous hair accessories are being snapped up by hair salons across the country from… fly-fishing suppliers. Apparently:

Fishing suppliers have already run out of the most prized feathers, which come from roosters genetically manipulated to produce extra long plumage. Hairdressers in the US, where the craze started earlier this year, are so low on stocks that they are turning to fishing specialists in the UK, which, ironically, import their supplies from breeders in the US. Prices are soaring as fast as demand. Saddle hackles – long, narrow feathers from the backs of domestic birds – that cost fishermen barely £20 months ago are selling for more than 10 times that amount.

Personally, I’m a sucker for feathers on skirts or shoulders (yes, Aishwarya Rai), but not so much in the hair. It’s a little too boho (which looks dated) or Ke$ha-i$h for me.  Thoughts? Does the fact that those feathers are meant for salmon change their appeal any?

(The Independent via Fashion Etc)