Fishtail Brows on @hayley_bui 🐟😍 I love this trend

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It has been a minute since we’ve had a bold brow trend to discuss/to be stunned by. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that fishtail brows are currently gaining a lot of attention on Instagram.

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Following crown brows, heart brows, foil brows and many other wild brow trends, we now have fishtail brows. You might think that the look involves someone braiding Photoshopping a fishtail braid onto their eyebrows, like the braided eyebrow trend, but this is something different. The “fishtail” is presumably meant to be related to fish. part of the brow is divided in half at the arch with the first part pointed up towards the top of the head and the rest of the brow flicked down in the traditional shape.

Many are crediting the look to Instagrammer @skyeditz who posted photos of the look on herself along with a number of celebrities and influencers.

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To actually pull off fishtail brows in real life, you would need a lot of help from eyebrows gel and probably a little help with an eyebrows pencil. If you’re content with only trying the look online, then you can make like a lot of social media users and use Photoshop to “create” it.