Mel weight loss

Remember that guy who proved you could display dramatic “weight loss” in just an hour? His method involved some exercise, lighting changes, poses and even body hair removal. Now, we have a female fitness trainer giving us another in-depth look at how misleading these “before” and “after” shots can really be.

In a post on Reddit titled, “Lose weight in only 15 minutes by changing your stance, hair, clothes, camera zoom and filter,” an Instagram show of Mel (of MelVFitness) revealed just how quick and easy it was for her to “shed pounds” by doing next-to-nothing. And not in a “lose weight with this one easy trick” way where you suspect the “trick” is that you cut off your largest appendage; here, the “trick” just involves altering her poses, using a camera filter, and a couple of other hints. She explains in the caption:

Check out my transformation! It took me 15 minutes. Wanna know my secret? Well firstly I ditched the phonewallet (fwallet) cause that shit is lame, swapped my bather bottoms to black (cause they’re a size bigger & black is slimming), Smothered on some fake tan, clipped in my hair extensions, stood up a bit taller, sucked in my guts, popped my hip- threw in a skinny arm, stood a bit wider #boxgap, pulled my shoulders back and added a bit of a cheeky/Im so proud of my results smile. Zoomed in on the before pic- zoomed out on the after & added a filter. Cause filters make everything awesome. What’s my point? Don’t be deceived by what you see in magazines & on Instagram.. You never see the dozens of other pics they took that wernt as flattering. Photoshop can make a pig look hotter then Beyonce.

Obviously, not all before and after photos are fake — some people really do lose weight! It is possible! However, this type of explanation offered by Mel is exactly what we all should keep in mind when thinking of trying out that new crazy exercise boot camp or intense, non-FDA approved diet pills. Stick to healthy eating and regular exercise, and ask your doc for other recommendations.

Photo: Instagram.