Color-changing hair made Instagrammers go wild thanks to its magical appeal and now we have color-changing lashes to obsess over.

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POPSUGAR reported that designer Tien Pham unveiled a pair of LED false eyelashes, the F.Lashes, at the Make Faire in California which morph into different colors.

If you’re a fan of some of the LED dresses that we have seem at the Met Gala and during concerts, you’re going to like the F.Lashes because they utilize similar technology. You apply the false lashes like you would your regular falsies using a standard lash glue. What makes these ones different is that a small watch battery is then attached to the back of your head with clips. From there, two tiny wires connect the batteries to the eyelashes trips. (It’s not as obvious looking as it sounds.) You’re lashes will then light up in an array of colors.

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If you’re already planning where you can wear the dazzling eyelashes, be aware that they aren’t available quite yet. A F.Lashes Kickstarter page is planned to launch in the middle of July to help Tien fund production costs. Prices of the lashes have yet to be released but they should be available in a full rainbow of colors including yellow, red, green, light blue, blue, pink and white.

Start thinking about how you can incorporate them into your Halloween costume now.