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The average person doesn’t think much about the shape of their face regularly—but for hairstylists, it’s another story. The shapes of our faces inform these scissor-wielding artists and tell them what’s most flattering. When it comes to round face shapes, this means smart cuts that elongate the face, styles like arched fringe, lobs, and pro-level knowledge about getting technical elements like layers and weight right. If you have a round-face shape, read on to find out what hairstyles will best suit you!


1. The goal, when cutting for round face shapes is to minimize the roundness of the face—or at least not make it look rounder than it is—i.e.: if you’ve already got plump, round cheeks, you can use your hair as a tool to elongate the face.

2.  Fringe can be quite flattering on a round face shape—the key is to avoid that Zooey Deschanel look (the blunt-cut super-straight-across-the-forehead bangs) as they further accentuate the roundness of the face. Instead, opt for side-swept bangs, advises Tomo Nakajima, stylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown. Micki Charles, stylist at Cutler Salon likes an arched fringe as it will echo the shape of the face. Piecey bangs add texture, which Charles also recommends.

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3. Bobs work for round faces but they should be kept in the mid-length range. Charles’ points to this image for reference.

4. It’s also best to avoid shorter layers as they will make a round face look too bubbly. The hair should have enough weight that the layers don’t look puffy, she notes. Nakajima puts it simply: “You can never go wrong with cuts that are longer than the chin but shorter than shoulder.”