As we get older, our bones and joints can get achy and unfortunately, even break! I never thought I’d be reviewing FlexNow Joint Formula at this stage of the game, but several weeks ago I fell down (don’t ask…lol) and severely broke my ankle. I have been battling the discomfort ever since.

I decided to give FlexNow Joint Formula a try due to the fact that they are so confident that you will get relief that they offer a money back guarantee. “Complete Relief…or Complete Refund”…that got my attention.

Image: FlexNow

Image: FlexNow

FlexNow Joint Formula is patented, all natural and clinically proven to impact all four areas required to realize healthy joint function:

  • Reduces inflammation by 9 times
  • Improves cartilage retention by 44%
  • Increases bone retention by 10%
  • Alleviates pain by 45%

I started taking FlexNow Joint Formula two weeks ago, with little hope that it would really make a difference, but this is a fabulous product. It’s restoring ankle movement and I can almost feel my ankle healing. I woke up one morning and realized that I wasn’t in as much pain.

(Please keep in mind that I can make no medical claims. I’m speaking from personal totally biased experience. Check with your doctor before trying this or any product.)

The only ingredient in FlexNow Joint Formula is SheaFlex75 (shea triterpenes) the incredible shea nut, a powerful inflammation fighter. It is unique in the botanical world for inflammation reduction and contributing to the significant reduction in both joint and cartilage deterioration.

When crushed and processed, the nuts of the shea tree (actually shea nuts are not nuts at all, but the pit of a fruit) yield vegetable fats known as shea oil and shea butter.

Having been a popular ingredient in foods and cosmetics for a long time, research has now revealed the shea nut unexpected bonus: a powerful inflammation fighter.

I definitely will not be taking them up on the refund!

Order a one month’s supply at for $39.96 and receive free shipping.

You’ll also find FlexNow Joint Formula in your local health food store.

Oh …and …uh….be careful on wood decks…while watering your plants in the rain after dark!