FLiRT Cosmetics may be a fairly new brand, but it has already given us some brilliant new beauty products. First, the brand made applying false lashes so much easier with its genius faux lash dispenser. FLiRT followed it up with Chicers (super chic stickers) and a fine-pointed eyeliner. Now, the brand is giving us three magical lipsticks that change color when you apply them.

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FLiRT is launching three Lip pHetish Lipsticks. While the bullets may be marigold yellow, kelly green and deep blue, those are not the colors that you get when you apply them. The pigment-packed lipsticks use pH technology and change color as you apply them so you end up with a flattering look.

Super pHresh is a green bullet that changes is a cheerful pink shade. The pun-tastic On pHire shade is a yellow bullet that morphs into a flattering coral-peach shade. Last but not least, we have High pHiver. That’s the dark blue lipstick that produces a lovely berry shade when you apply it to your pout.

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pH lipsticks aren’t exactly a new category, but it’s hard to get sick of a product that changes color right before your eyes. Furthermore, FLiRT Cosmetics’ three Lip pHetish Lipsticks are formulated with rosemary and sunflower extracts plus vitamin E to keep your kisser soft.

If you want to see what pretty shades the lipsticks will be on your lips, you can pick them up on the FLiRT Cosmetics website right now. Each lippy will set you back $18.