When it comes to nail art, what seems like it could be easy can turn out to actually be difficult. Normally, we never realize this until we’re eight nails in and we’re covered in nail polish and nail polish remover. However, there actually are some easy nail art ideas, and floating manicures are one of them. They’re simple and quick because all you have to do is paint your nails then apply a contrasting color around the outside. That’s it. That’s also why it’s sometimes referred to as an outline manicure. What’s also great about them is almost any color combination looks amazing.

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Ready to get inspired? Scroll down to see 11 floating manicure ideas that are pretty and easy.

1. Silver and Navy Floating Manicure


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The shimmering silver against the navy is so pretty.


2. Black and White Floating Manicure

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Black and white is a classic color combination you can never go wrong with.


3. White and Gray Floating Manicure 

The soft shades in this outline manicure are so pretty, especially the contrasting pale blue nails.


4. Black, Red and White Outline Manicure

Who said that you have to stop at two colors? Use the same floating effect on a contrast digit.


5. Lilac and Mauve Floating Manicure

This isn’t that much more complicated than a standard floating manicure. It’s the alternating colors that makes it look so cool.


6. Multicolored Floating Manicure

You can make an outline manicure more complicated by mixing a printed base with a contrasting outline.


7. White and Beige Floating Manicure

Can you see the outline? It’s so subtle that you almost don’t see it.


8. Matte Gray and Gold Floating Manicure

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This color combination is so luxe.


9. Glitter and Black Floating Manicure

outline ombré mixed metals for Shani ?✨? | inspired by @nail_swag using vetro leaf gels in gold, silver and rose gold ?

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When in doubt, add some glitter…or in this case, metallic leaf gels.


10. Diamond Outline Manicure

My @aveyou inspired nails.

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Feeling experimental? Try turning a basic outline manicure into a diamond one.


11. Peach and Navy Floating Manicure

SubZero & Peach Blossom Floating Manicure #nails #nailart #notd

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Notice the shape of the contrasting peach nail polish?