Flowers for spring may not be “groundbreaking,” but they are too pretty to ignore. There’s a reason that floral dresses, flower manicures and floral fragrances have remained essential parts of spring. Applying dried flowers to your nails is one of the freshest takes on the classic floral trend, but if you’re looking for something for your face, flower eyeliner is your answer.

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Popsugar reported that the trend has makeup artists playing around will all manner of blooms, colors and shapes. One of the most popular style is a “flower flick” where flowers are either added to your classic black feline flick or little floral designs completely replace it all together.

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The look may take a bit more time to recreate compared to a black swoosh, but it gives you multiple fresh ways you can utilize your different colored eyeliners. Plus, there are so many different ways you could make it your own. You can go for realistic blooms or you can take a more abstract approach. There really are no rules.

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And what could be better for festival season than a few blooms decorating your eyeliner? It’s enough to make you want to ditch your oversized sunglasses completely.

For other seasons, we’ve seen slime eyeliner,  knife eyeliner, candy cane eyeliner, heart eyeliner and, erm, penis liner, but floral eyeliner is the perfect look for spring.