Flowers are synonymous with spring. What else perfectly captures the season besides beautiful blooms? The Easter bunny, blue skies and rain boots come close, but they still can’t compete. When the seasons change, we normally incorporate some fresh floral prints into our wardrobes. However, you can also add a floral touch to your beauty look. Floral fragrances are the obvious way to go, but you can also try some flower nail art. Applying dried flowers to nails is actually a major trend right now, but if hand-pressing flowers aren’t really your thing, you can still create a pretty floral manicure with nail polish.

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Take a look at the flower nail art ideas that are perfect for celebrating spring:

1. Pink and Flower Tips

Here’s a fun way to update your French manicure. You can think of the flower design as little floral crowns for your nails.

2. Pale Pink Nails with Flower Accents

Why just have one accent nail on each hand when you can have two? Why not add another contrasting nail while you’re at it? You won’t regret it.


3. Flower and Tie Dye Nails

Remember this manicure for Coachella and the rest of your summer festivals because the bold colors and playful designs have “festival season” written all over them.


4. White Base with Pink Flowers

A white base is the perfect canvas for almost any color of flowers, but it looks especially fresh with these tiny pink flowers.

5. Pink, Purple and Negative Space Flower Nails

Creating the flowers on a natural base makes them really pop. When you add a clear top coat over your finished design, it ties the look with the rest of your painted nails.

6. Black Nails with Cherry Blossom

It’s cherry blossom season so celebrate it with your nail art. The placement of the flowers and falling petals is stunning.


7. Plain Pink Nails And White Floral Nails

This may be a gel manicure look, but you can easily recreate the look at home. The white-on-white design is something to experiment with. Same goes for the shots of gold.

8. Coral Nails with White Flowers

Here’s your proof that a simple look can sometimes be the best one. This manicure uses two different nail polish colors and a simple dot technique for the flowers yet it looks very fresh.

9. Royal Blue Nails with Pink Flowers

Who said that spring is only about pastels? The bold blue base helps makes the pink flowers pop. The leaf design is also lovely.

10. Pink and Yellow Flowers

How fun are these flowers? They’re as bold as your favorite spring dress.

11. Pale Pink Nails with Flower Accents

Looking for something a bit different? Add some texture to your nails using paper, appliques, nail kits or actual flowers. These pink nails have been paired with an old Ciate nail kit.


12. Pink and Purple Nails with Ditsy Flower Accents

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If you’re a nail art newbie, this is a brilliant look to try. Instead of painting a super complicated flower design, the look uses a dotter tool to form the petals. It couldn’t be simpler.