Bold brow trends are giving colored highlighter looks some major competition on Instagram. Squiggle brows, flower brows and dragon brows have been getting a lot of likes, but metallic brows remain a favorite for those who love a holographic beauty look. If you love coloring your brows with metallic pencils, you’re going to love the foil brow trend because it takes metallic brows to a whole new level.

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Foil eyebrows involve using different kinds of foil or reflective tape on brows. Tin foil, plastic wrap, cellophane and metallic straps are all possibilities because they give brows an Insta-worthy glow that catches the light.

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Some makeup artists are cutting out the strips so they completely cover natural brows while others are making them more dramatic with sweeping brows that are definitely #onfleek.

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Some makeup artists are opting for a slightly more natural version by cutting out tiny pieces of foil a interspersing them through brow hairs to mimic brow highlights.

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Before you attempt the look, it’s important to consider how you’re going to apply the tape and whether or not it will damage brows. The last thing anyone would want is for their fierce foil brows to damage the hairs underneath.