When someone throws a pie in your face, they’re really telling you that they want you to be even more beautiful. Unless it’s a non-pumpkin pie. Then you’re just in the midst of some old-timey Hollywood movie food fight filmed in glorious CinemaScope. But if it is a pumpkin pie, it’s going to do great things for your skin! According skin care expert Stacy Cox:

“The enzymes and natural properties in pumpkin exfoliate the skin and eat away dead skin so you get this nice, fresh, instant glow. When making a facial mix at home, you can use leftover pumpkin filling or cooked and canned pumpkin.”

Facials with pumpkin enzymes are frequently offered at spas, and this just seems like a way to cut out the middle man. A super fun way. So the next time you pass out and plunge head first into a pumpkin pie, you can remember that you’re doing something good for your body.