WWFKD: What Would Frida Kahlo Do?

It’s time to bring strong eyebrows back into the picture. This means you need to step away from the bleach you have in your hand at this very moment and go into the other room. Just walk away. No. Actually, run the fuck away as fast as you possibly can and never look back!

Former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld isn’t a fan of bleached eyebrows. In fact, they make her “crazy.” So crazy that she has declared her new collaboration with MAC as a “revenge on behalf of those with strong eyebrows.”

As she told Vogue UK:

“Bleaching eyebrows makes me crazy – all the models were bleaching eyebrows. It’s burning, you know. I never liked it,” she explained. “So I’m very happy, this [collection] is my revenge – I could be Frida [Kahlo]. This is the reason there [are tweezers] in the MAC palette, because I need to take off some in the middle.”

So Frida Kahlo‘s look isn’t exactly what Rotfield is suggesting, but perhaps more of a Joan Crawford type thing:

Joanie here might be useful for inspiration.

Lessons learned from Rotfield today? Bleaching is bad, Frida is a bit too much, but Joan is just right.


Photo 1: Bettmann/CORBIS

Photo 2: Possessed/Donald Spoto