FOREO LUNA FrontThe biggest skincare craze besides the Korean skincare obsession and charcoal face products is definitely scrub brushes. All of a sudden, it seemed like everyone was cleansing their faces with fancy scrub brushes and no one was using a washcloth or *gasp* their fingertips. More and more skincare brands are releasing scrub brushes. Everyone knows about the cult Clarisonic scrub brush and all of the similar-looking styles but one scrub brush that stands out from the rest is the FOREO Luna. I tested out the Foreo Luna for Normal/Sensitive skin to see if it is worth making it apart of your skincare routine.

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What It Looks Like

The Luna is definitely different compared to any of the scrub brushes on the market. If you just walked by it in Sephora and saw it, you would probably have no clue what it is for. It looks a bit like those a miniature version of the mats you stick in bathtubs to prevent slips or a computer mouse. It doesn’t have bristles. Instead, it is made out of soft silicone.FOREO LUNA PACKAGING

The Luna For Normal/Sensitive Skin is a pretty pale pink color, but if you get the one for combination Skin, it’ll be blue and the device for ultra-sensitive is white. You can buy it at Sephora or off the FOREO website, and it will set you back $199.

It is made of ultra-gentle silicone and it is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup. The front has the cleansing “brush” while the back is the anti-aging device with a concentric circle design. Plus, that is where the charging port is located.

The Luna comes with its own bag to keep it safe, a warranty registration card, instruction manual and a charger.FOREO LUNA Accessories

What It Claims

The FOREO website claims that if you use the Luna scrub brush for two minutes morning and night, it will leave you with clearer, younger looking skin:

“Just 2 minutes’ using your LUNA™ morning and night leaves the skin looking naturally beautiful with a healthy-looking glow, while lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Simply apply your cleanser, wet the LUNA™ and turn it on. After cleansing your face, apply the reverse surface to wrinkle-prone areas in lower-frequency Anti-Aging Mode. In just 3 days, you’ll feel the confidence that comes from having naturally beautiful, youthful-looking skin.”

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How It Works

The brush uses T-Sonic technology to get pores squeaky clean and to remove dead skin cells and makeup residue. It has three simple buttons. You turn it on with the center button, then you can increase/decrease the vibrations using the “+” and “-” symbols on either side. In the anti-aging mode, lower-frequency pulsations are directed through the concentric silicone waves on the back.

You don’t need to worry about constantly buying batteries because the Luna has a waterproof charging port. You can get 450 uses between charges. (I’ve been using my Luna twice a day for over a month and a half and I haven’t charged it since the initial time.)

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I definitely did notice a difference in my complexion. It may not be a drastic “WOW!” before and after difference that would floor people in photos but I noticed the difference in the mirror and in the feel of my skin.

I was surprised the first morning when I woke up after using it that my face wasn’t irritated at all after using it for the first time the night before, and I have quite sensitive skin. I tried increasing and decreasing the speed and it never made my face turn an angry red shade. I found that with continued use of the cleansing device I didn’t have any dry, flaky patches I sometimes get. Furthermore, I found that my moisturizer and other face products absorbed more easily after using the brush.

The brush is definitely an investment but unlike some of scrub brushes you don’t have to worry about batteries or buying replacement brush heads, which was a big plus for me. If you want a slightly cheaper version, they have the Luna Mini which costs $139. It’s travel-friendly and it comes in five pretty colors to choose from.