The metrosexualization of men is moving forward. First there were skinny jeans on dude, and then guyliner and highlights, and now the final frontier – waxing. Lest you think that this is about getting your boyfriend to finally trim that jungle he calls his pubes, we’re not quite there yet. But he can get his nose hairs waxed instead! Even dudes in Utah are doing it, so it’s still totally manly. They’re doing it because it “helps with their breathing.” Honestly, I want to make fun of this but if this is what we have to do as a culture in order to get rid of those dudes who let their nostril hair grow out so long you could braid it, I’m pretty much OK with whatever.

The nostril waxing was a big draw at a delightful little event called “The Man Expo” in Sandy, Utah. In order to get manly men to come and visit the convention, the organizers made sure to include macho stuff like basketball, grilling, and unibrow maintenance. The phrase “a celebration of masculinity” was, indeed, used.

“I can breathe better,” said Paul Garfield, 18, after taking his turn on the waxing table. “I won’t have to deal with the pesky nose hair. It didn’t hurt as bad.”

Encouraged by Garfield, a handful of his friends lined up, one by one, for their own wax jobs.

Word up, Paul Garfield! If you ever want to write an account of your nostril-waxing, please by all means contact us. And have fun with that whole breathing thing.