What do models do once they’re finished modeling? This is a question that often gets asked about the industry. If you’re British beauty Jemma Kidd, you found a makeup school and a line of cosmetics and continue to look great and have a fabulous life. I was invited to attend a press event for her two makeup lines today, and despite not being much of a makeup person, I was moderately excited by some of what she had to show us.

As we perched on stools arranged in a circle around Jemma, she passed around samples of makeup for us to test on our hands. Her older line, Jemma Kidd Pro, is probably too complicated for me to apply properly without actually enrolling in her school, but I appreciated her commitment to creating the perfect smoky eye. “It’s all about the sixties, smoky, sultry eye,” she said. “Eye, eye, eye.” Indeed.

The line with Target, JK Jemma Kidd, is geared towards a younger and more inept makeup wearer, which means it’s certainly up my alley. I especially liked the eyeshadow palettes designed to compliment various types of irises and eyeshadow pencils with a waxier, less loose consistency (I don’t know about you, but my eyeshadow tends to migrate down my face sometimes). However, I think the lip stuff was my favorite. JK’s lip stain comes with a nice, non-sticky moisturizing lip gloss on the other end of it, and her “gloss sticks” present sheer lip gloss into the shape of a solid lipstick. This makes it easier for an inept person like me to put on (at least, that’s how I feel after using it once).

I should also note that at one point Jemma’s phone rang, and her ring was “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay,” which I found endearing.