My general rule for lipstick is “it should probably be red. Like cherries in the snow. Except not cherry colored that is too dark.” 

But I was at the HSN Launch of the Forsaken Beauty Collection, which is inspired by True Blood, and, unsurprisingly, all of the colors were… vampire colors. That is to say, dark. They were very dark. Though if I were a vampire I think having to live in the dark would make me love artificially bright shades all the more for the contrast, but I think we can all see where they were going with this.

So I ended up trying out their lipstick, which is approximately 7 shades darker than the kind I normally wear.

And let’s be honest, I probably can’t wear this again. I sort of don’t think I can pull it off in most social situations? I think it’s maybe a little too intimidating? But – if I were going to – how do you wear really dark lipstick? Do you just wear all black and actually pretend to be a vampire? I’m not going to lie, that sounds kind of fun.

Or do you try to lighten up the rest of you wardrobe with a lot of pale colors and cat prints? I can’t do cat prints. I’m going to get that out of the way right now. And I’m not putting my hair up in pigtails to make this seem less scary, because that would be terrifying. Although, again, I can see upsides to being terrifying.

But really, there must be a way to make dark lipstick colors work in daily life. What is that way?

And if you love this lipstick shade, the Forsaken Beauty collection comes out August 9th.