Apparently Prada is going youthful: this is the brand’s newest scent, Prada Candy, described by WWD as a “cocktail of musk notes which envelops the other two major components: Laotian benzoin — usually used in concentrations of about 3 percent, it is a 12 percent concentration in this juice — and caramel” and features an art deco-inspired bottle and an illustration on the package.

According to Puig (Prada’s scent licensee):

“Prada has the ability to reinvent itself when it wants to and Miuccia [Prada] wanted to make a bold statement with this launch. This scent is more feminine and more excessive than past launches. It has an explosion of joie de vivre that is quite unique for us, and uses a lot more color, including an outer packaging with a drawing,” while another rep added, “Up until now, we have explored the more traditional and classic side of Prada, but the brand is much more than that. With Prada Candy, there is a wish to explore the more daring facets of Prada fashion: the modernist, creative and colorful sides.”

Is anyone else surprised by this move? I mean, nothing about that package says Prada to me. If anything, it says something a lot more like, I don’t know, Très Chic by Vanessa Hudgens. Or Mode… à la Mode by Hayley Duff.

So, is Prada courting more youthful markets (like Marc Jacobs!) or is this just a peculiar move that will eventually be forgotten?