There are lots of bath bombs in the world from ones shaped like rocket ships to ones that allow us to indulge in our pumpkin spice obsession. Sanrio and Fragrant Jewels have recently come up with adorable Hello Kitty Bath Bombs ($42.95) that are something special. Not only do they have the adorable packaging and scents, they also contain jewelry inside—and you could be one of the lucky ones to get a $10,000 ring.

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Okay, let us explain. Sanrio and Fragrant Jewels have created a trio of sweet Hello Kitty-shaped bath bombs. There’s your traditional white Hello Kitty, a pale pink one and a red one, and they all have sparkly bows. When you drop one of the bath bombs in the tub, it emits a stream of color and a delicious scent. What makes it different is that as the bath bomb dissolves, it will unveil a Hello Kitty ring that will float to the surface of the water.

Each of the rings will have a secret vault code which you then enter online. And if you crack the code, you could win an additional ring worth $100 to $10,000. Not bad, huh? There are three chances to win so the more bath bombs you get, the higher the odds.

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But don’t be too upset if you don’t win the big prize. There are 10 cute rings in the Hello Kitty Bath Bomb trio and they’re valued at $30. While that’s not quite the same as a $10,000 ring, they are pretty adorable. You can preview the collection on the site while shopping the Bath Bomb Trio for $42.95.