Frank Body Coconut

If you’re on Instagram for just five minutes, you’re going to come across at least one photo of someone slathering on Frank Body‘s Coffee Scrub. The product has become a cult favorite. It’s fun, it’s effective and it is just the right amount of messy. If you cannot get enough of it, you’re probably going to love Frank Body’s newest launch, a Coconut Body Balm ($24.95).

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Coconut oil is a hero product in a lot of different beauty products. It is no exception with this balm. The moisturizing formula works as well on your hair as it does on your body. As the description on the Frank Body website says, “[It is] at your beck and call, to solve all of life’s problems. More specifically: to give you soft, glowing skin.”

Fans of the Coconut Coffee Scrub will be pleased to see the appearance of coconut in another product. Note that the balm still does have a bit of coffee. Besides the obvious coconut, the multipurpose balm is formulated with Arabica coffee seed oil, squalane and jojoba oil.

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You can buy the Coconut Body Balm by itself, or you can pick it up in Frank Body’s new Babe Island Kit ($39.95). The two-piece set includes the balm and the aforementioned Coconut Coffee Scrub.

Babe Island

Dry, winter skin is a problem for many of us so Frank Body’s Coconut Balm couldn’t have come at a better time. We may not be able to stop the winter from happening but at least we can prevent scaly skin.

(Photos: Frank Body)