Frank Body definitely has us covered on the body front thanks to its cult favorite coffee scrubs, but it also has brilliant face products that will sort out our complexions. If you’re looking for something new to try, Frank has recently launched it’s first-ever mask and it’s going to totally switch up your morning routine.

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That’s right, we said morning routine. While the majority of us are used to applying masks as part of our evening skincare routines, Frank’s latest launch is all about perking up your skin in the morning without the need for major strobing. And the mask only takes five minutes to use.

To answer your question, yes, the mask is caffeinated. It contains Arabica coffee seed oil, which is basically like a double shot of espresso…but for your face. However, the caffeine isn’t the only thing that perks up your complexion. The mask is also formulated with goji berry extract. The superfood is high in antioxidants to help purify your skin.

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If your complexion is on the dry side, don’t worry, because the mask will also help tackle flakes because the nourishing formula also contains cocoa and shea butters. There really isn’t much that it doesn’t take care of.

If you want to try Frank Body’s Glow Mask, you’re in luck, because it launches today. You can pick it up from the Frank Body website for $21.95.

(Photo: Frank Body)