Remember when Frank Body launched a Shimmer version of its popular body scrub and it had all glitter enthusiasts going wild? Well, the brand has brought shimmer back, but this time it’s coming for your lips. Frank Body has launched the Shimmer Lip Duo, with what the brand is saying is the world’s first Shimmer Lip Scrub ($15) and a shimmering Lip Gloss ($22).

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The brand made the announcement on Instagram (of course). There was plenty of teasing, but the launch is a bit different from other Frank Body launches because it coincides with the launch of the brand’s Hotel Pink Loyalty Program, and the products are an exclusive to Hotel Pink. Don’t stress because you can easily sign up for Hotel Pink. No, it’s not a real hotel. It’s a four-tier loyalty program. When you sign up and purchase the applicable products before June 4, 2018, you can also score a trip to Hawaii with accommodation at an actual hotel.

You’ll want to sign up to the program because the Shimmer Lip Scrub and Shimmer Lip Gloss are stunning. The Shimmer Lip Scrub is made with sugar, salt, citrus extract, vitamin E and grapeseed oil. The sparkle comes with “glow dust,” according to the brand. In addition to shimmer and smooth lips, the sugar also smells (and tastes) like lemonade.

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The Lip Gloss is everything we want in a lip gloss. It has glass-like shine and a good hit of shimmer that catches the light.

The Shimmer Lip Scrub and Shimmer Lip Gloss are available now so sign up to Hotel Pink to try them out. If the launch is half as good as the Shimmering Body Scrub, expect the lip products to not last long.