It’s almost beach season which means that those of us who ignored the skin on our bodies during the cold weather might be interested in showing it a little TLC with a body scrub. If you’re looking to slough off dead skin but don’t want to make a mess everywhere, Frank Body has just launched the Express-O-Scrub ($19.95).

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If you’re obsessed with the way the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub smells and how effectively removes dead skin cells, but you wish it was a tad less messy, the Express-O-Scrub if for you. It has still got the caffeine kick to boost circulation, get rid of dry patches and to smell amazing, but the Express-O Coffee Scrub has a whipped, creamy formula that can be used wet or dry. And it works. Fast.

The brand explained that the Express-O-Scrub sticks to your skin as opposed to the bathroom floor and that it can have skin buffed in as little as two minutes. Now that is our kind of exfoliating.

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The Frank Body Express-O-Scrub is still natural and not tested on animals. It’s formulated with cinnamon, raw sugar, sweet almond and macadamia nut oils and the aforementioned coffee. If you want specifics, the scrub is formulated with roasted and ground Robusta coffee beans so it smells divine while you scrub away.

If you’re suddenly in the mood for a good exfoliation treatment, you can shop the Frank Body Express-O Coffee Scrub on the brand’s website right now.