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Is it weird for a beauty editor to admit that she’s just not that into skincare? Because that’s what I’m doing here. I know that Korean beauty is huge right now, and that skincare products are a fundamental part of it, but I just never saw the need. I hate to humblebrag (LOL no I don’t), but I’ve never had any real skin problems. I don’t have blackheads, I very rarely break out or have dry or oily skin, and save for one particularly bad zit in my teens that left a tiny pock mark on my nose, I’ve gone through life virtually acne-free. That said, I’ve been hearing about facial oils left and right, and at this point, I figure I’m doing myself a disservice if I don’t at least try one out for kicks.

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First things first, here’s something that we (read: me) need to clear up: facial oils and moisturizers are not the same thing. They obviously look and feel different, and they’re used to achieve different results and work best on people with certain skin types. That said, I’ve been told that facial oils do double duty in that they naturally remove makeup and can moisturize and brighten your skin. I’m inherently lazy when it comes to skincare, so any product that allows me to do as a little as possible is the one for me.

Enter Fresh‘s new Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil ($42):

cleansing oil

And exit, apparently, my pointer finger.

According to a press release,

“The lightweight formula transforms into a silky emulsion that dissolves impurities and makeup, including the toughest waterproof products. The blend of nourishing oils and protective extracts effectively cleanses the skin while maintaining natural moisture levels for a soft, supple, and radiant complexion.”

I’m all for having a soft, supple, and radiant complexion, and I’ve been finding that my go-to makeup remover wipes are treating my sensitive winter skin rather harshly lately, so why not give this new Fresh product a shot?

Since I was particularly interested in testing the quality of the oil’s makeup removing abilities, I started with a full face of makeup. We’re talking primer, foundation, concealer, a light contour—the whole nine yards:

cleansing oil review 1

After that, it was time to immediately undo all the hard work I’d just put into what I’ll admit was one of my better makeup looks in a long time. Here’s how you’re instructed to use the oil:

“Gently massage 3-4 pumps onto dry face and closed eyes. Add warm water to emulsify. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.”

It was definitely weird to apply something that felt like a watery face wash to an otherwise dry face, but other than that, the application was pretty pleasant. The oil smells great, and it doesn’t leave you with that slick feeling you get when you accidentally get olive oil on your hands while cooking. Since I’m not a Thanksgiving turkey (at least not that I know of), I appreciated that.

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Before I get to how my skin felt overall after removing the oil, feast your eyes on its effectiveness as a makeup remover:

cleansing oil review 2

Yeah. It appears to have taken off most, if not all, of my foundation, but when I go for a makeup removers, I generally prefer it when it actually takes off my eyeliner rather than just distributing it to other areas of my face. But whatever, it’s fine, nothing your average makeup remover can’t handle afterward. 

As far as its “skin nutrition” properties, I can definitely tell you that my skin felt as smooth as a baby’s butt afterward. I couldn’t stop touching my cheeks, but then again, that could’ve also been because I was watching the Golden Globes and had my hands wrapped around my face in sheer horror at everything that was happening. The oil definitely worked better than my usual facial moisturizer though. That always leaves a certain kind of dewy, filmy residue behind, and this just left soft, clean-feeling skin.

Skincare newbies: if you want to dip your toes in the pool, give facial oil a try. It’s definitely worth the plunge.

Fresh’s Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil launches in February 2016 at Fresh shops,, Sephora,, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. 

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