frosted makeup

It seems that frosted makeup is staging a comeback, appearing on red carpets, in beauty tutorials, and most upsettingly, on the faces of well intentioned individuals who were conned into buying shimmery lipgloss. Could this mean the end to the 90’s revival and a step into the early 2000s era? Let’s desperately hope not!

Frosted makeup has been popping up on celebrities as of late, and Taylor Swift‘s Grammys look was a notable example. Her sparkly white eye shadow and shimmery pink lips harkened back to a different time–a time with dial up internet, belly chains, boot cut jeans, pre-9/11 insouciance, and Y2K fever. A simpler time.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

It was only a matter of time before normals started getting into it, and today, it became official–Refinery 29 ran a tutorial entitled “How To Rock Frosted Makeup.” One of the looks literally entails sticking your finger into shimmery eye shadow and applying it to your coated-in-lip-gloss lips. It’s happening.

the office

If you will, please allow me to describe my makeup routine from 2000. I had extremely versatile silver powder that could be used as eye shadow on its own, eyeliner when mixed with water, and lip gloss when mixed with vaseline. I used it in all three capacities, and even Xenon: Girl of the 21st Century would have found it to be over the top. I was 11 years old and very bold with my beauty choices. I have no regrets.

However, I’m simply not eager to see that trend come back into style. I think that a great measure of progress for our civilization was our ability to move past frosted makeup, and we should continue to move forward.

Edit: Mandie pointed out TLC’s “Creep” video as a prime example of frosted makeup, and I would be a big idiot if I didn’t include it here. Today I choose not to be an idiot.

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