Everyone loves adding some festive flair to their beauty routines for the holidays. Most people do it with red lipstick or seasonal nail art, but one of the more creative ways you can celebrate the holidays is with a furry manicure inspired by the Grinch.

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Furry manicures have been a surprising beauty trend this year. Libertine helped popularize the trend when it featured models with faux fur manicures in its Fall 2016 fashion show. Since then, we’ve seen bloggers try out the trend with different furry finishes, but when beauty blogger @BeauTuts recently tweeted a photo of a furry manicure featuring plush green fur, the Grinch comparisons were quickly made.


@BeauTuts might not have intended to make Grinch nails happen, but it looks like they are just in time for Christmas. As with the rest of the other furry manicure styles, the Grinch mani may not be the most practical thing (you do not want to bake Christmas cookies when you’re sporting this look), but the green version definitely will make you feel like one of the coolest people in Whoville.

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Even if you’ve tried Grinch nail art created out of polish, it’s not the same as creating Grinch fingers out of faux fur. It’s a kooky-cool look and a fun one to try out when you’re relaxing over the holiday break. If you are feeling adventurous and do give it a try, just make sure that you don’t accidentally dip one of your fingers into someone’s eggnog, okay?