Brazilian model Lea T has been making headlines for a few years now, both for her beauty, and for her candid interviews about what it’s like to be a transgendered person in a cisgendered* world. That’s right, this high cheek boned babe is a transsexual (some people are offended by this term, but it’s how she describes herself), and while she admits that modeling for pretty pictures is not the most serious or important thing she could be doing, she believes it’s important for trans kids everywhere to see positive images of transgendered grown-ups in the media. I think she’s doing a bang up job at this, as evidenced by this photo spread in FFW Magazine. We covered this issue of FFW a while back, but scans of the actual spread just became available online recently, so I’m showing them to you now. Enjoy.

*”Cis,” for those not in the know, describes someone who identifies as the gender they were born as. I.e., it’s a value-neutral opposite of “trans.”

(Via MadeInBrazil and Styleite)