The International London Tattoo Convention started today. I’m not going for two reasons: I live in America and I have no tattoos. But lots of other people are there! Probably 20,000 or so. Hopefully they’re not missing me too much.

Tattoos are pretty cool. I don’t have any because I’m afraid of needles and blood and regret. But I know lots of people who aren’t afraid of those things and some of them have tattoos. However, most tattooed people I know have tattoos (sorry for the redundancy, there’s no synonym for tattoo) in hidden, discreet spots like their ankles, shoulders, wrists and of course, the hip bone. But the really big tattoo fanatics go all out. They want to flaunt their artwork and tattoo themselves in really awesome places like their faces! And their necks! And their boobs! Based on photos from today at the convention, I’ve come up with the best places on your body to tattoo yourself if you really want people to notice you as a work of art.

(All images via WENN)