via Oh No They Didn't

An article in Lemondrop reports that bad teeth are hot right now.  Model Ruth Crilly has said that the gap between her teeth has helped her career because it makes her face more memorable.  Of course, this is nothing new:  model Lauren Hutton’s gap-toothed smile was popular even back in the ’60s.  According to the Wall Street Journal, gapped-toothed models were in hot demand during Fashion Week this year.

I have always been of the (cruel) view that if a person is extremely ugly, no amount of dental work can make up for more obvious flaws.  For instance, a nose job for a particularly heinous nose might be a better way to spend one’s money than on braces for that same person’s slight overbite.  I realize this might make me a terrible person, but I also think it might have to do with the fact that I barely notice people’s teeth unless they are truly disgusting.  Therefore, a gapped-tooth smile is not at all off-putting to me.

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