June doesn’t just mark the start of the summer and the end of school, it is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Pride Month. It’s a time to honor, show support, raise awareness and celebrate. Pride festivals and events have become known for their stunning costumes, floats and elaborate makeup. If you haven’t crafted a gorgeous costume, you can still get into the spirit with a rainbow beauty look. Multicolored face paint is always popular but there’s no need to stop there. Try a multicolored manicure or rainbow hair, if you don’t already have it.

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Check out 16 rainbow makeup, hair and nails ideas that are perfect for celebrating LGBT Pride:

1. Smokey Rainbow ShadowRainbow Eyeshadow

Swap the multicolored sunglasses for this vibrant eye makeup. You can still wear your sunglasses on your head.

2. Rainbow Waterfall ManicureRainbow Waterfall Manicure

This is a unique twist on rainbow nail art and it’s great for nail art newbies. It doesn’t matter if your lines are perfectly straight, as long as you have the gradient colors, no one is going to notice.

3. Rainbow LinerRainbow Liner

You don’t need to worry about where you’re going to buy yellow eyeliner. Use a stiff angled brush and dip it into some eyeshadow to create this look. If you want, you can do your lower lash line too.

4. Rainbow UpdoRainbow Updo

How awesome is this? You don’t have to bring out the dye to achieve this look. Grab a few different hair chalks (or art pastels) and get to work.

5. Gradient Rainbow PedicureGradient Rainbow Pedicure

You can’t forget about your toes. Instead of attempting to paint a rainbow design on your pinky toe, do a gradient pedicure with a different color on each toenail. It’s a lot easier.

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6. Shimmery Rainbow ShadowShimmery Rainbow Eyeshadow

How do you improve awesome rainbow eyemakeup? By adding some sparkle. The bolder the look, the better.

7. Rainbow French ManicureRainbow French Manicure

If you have some time and a  good nail tape, this twist on the classic french manicure is worth doing. If you want to attempt a matching pedicure, go for it.

8. Neon Rainbow EyeshadowNeon Rainbow Eyeshadow

A lot of rainbow eyeshadow looks go from your lashes to your brows to really make a statement. This look focuses on the lid, but the neon shadow still makes it stand out. The blue on the waterline is clever.

9. Glitter Rainbow NailsGlitter Rainbow Nails

If a rainbow french manicure is too precise for your shaky hands to attempt, these larger stripes are an easier alternative. Choose glitter nail polishes for a parade-perfect look.

10. Pastel Rainbow LipsPastel Rainbow Lips

Pastels can be just as dramatic as brights and neons. Use a white shade or concealer as your base and then layer the lipsticks on top. It will make make the pastels look brighter.

11. Neon Rainbow NailsNeon Rainbow Nails

This looks complicated but it is actually quite simple. The secret to achieving the blended gradient effect is to use a makeup sponge. If you can, choose nail polishes that glow in the dark.

12. Rainbow Liner With GemstonesRainbow Liner With Stones

If you’re worried about your rainbow liner not being bold enough, a row of gemstones is the perfect compliment to your multicolored makeup. Bonus: The rhinestones also hide any liner mishaps.

13. Rainbow Hair Under LayersRainbow Hair Underlayers

This is proof that the more hair colors you have the better. If you don’t want a permanent look, use hair chalks or temporary hair dye.

14. Rainbow Face PaintRainbow Face Paint

You can get your face painted at the the Pride festivities or you can create a look at home. The way the design blends with the eyeshadow is great. If you want more of a multicolored look, incorporate the design with one of the other rainbow eye looks.

15. Rainbow LipsRainbow Lips

You can try a traditional ombre lip or you can go for this gradient version. Whatever one you choose, make sure you use a good lip sealant to keep the colors looking their best.

16. Rainbow HairRainbow Hair

Grab your hair chalks and add some color to the layers around your face. This will work nicely with a multicolored lip and/or eye.

(Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Getty Images)