Gemma Ward

The idea of people under 30 or so retiring always makes me chuckle a little bit, partially out of disbelief and also because it’s a little depressing to imagine somebody so young growing tired of his or her career and actually retires. It’s a luxury few can afford, but fortunately for Gemma Ward, she was able to take a sabbatical for, oh, 3 years. Nevertheless, it happens, particularly in the entertainment industry and athletics wherein people actually do outstay their welcomes pretty quickly, eventually all departing for their rocking chairs and knitting needles at, oh, 25ish. Ward, for example, retired at the ripe old age of 22 just a few years ago, leaving behind throngs of fans so were sad to see her go.

Lucky for them, however, the now legendary supermodel will be returning to the spotlight once again. After a few rumored comebacks, a bit of acting and some fishy business with Johnny Depp, Ward is finally, actually going to work in modeling once more. It has already been confirmed that Ward has signed with IMG and will become active in the industry in approximately a month.

For those of you who don’t remember, Ward quit modeling in 2008 after the death of boyfriend Heath Ledger. After his tragic demise, she was photographed having gained weight and scrutinized by the tabloids thereafter, a crazy notion because (1) she was greaving, let her eat whatever she wants and (2) body snarking is always bad. Stop doing it, tabloid people from four years ago. Stop it right now!…if you personally haven’t already, I guess.

Anyway, of Ward’s return, IMG’s general manager Danielle Ragenard tole Styleite that the model has permanently moved to Sydney now and is quite serious about her return after having switched to IMG from her original agency of Vivien Models:

“She hasn’t worked in this market for a long time, so to make the move obviously it’s because she wants to further her career. She wants to get back into the Australian market. She’s an Australian girl and this is an important market for her and she’s looking for everything IMG can offer from endorsements to modelling to contracts.”

So there you have it, folks: one of the more interesting and fantastic models in the world will soon be returning to fashion pages everywhere (including our own!). Who said the morning news is always depressing?