Georgia is running a set of ads targeting childhood obesity, like this one, where a girl notes that going to school, all the other kids pick on her. When I first saw it I thought “oh, an ad to raise awareness about bullying! Yeah, that makes sense.”

Then the ad explained to me that “being fat takes the fun out of being a kid.” Because… if you are overweight other children are contractually obligated to torment you? That seems like the kind of thinking that will lead to a lot of kids deciding that being bullied is their fault because they’re fat and they deserve it. Maybe”skinny kids, don’t be such assholes” would be a better public service message? By all means, be a healthy weight – or encourage your children to be a healthy weight – because it will prevent health problems (see how healthy fits in there?), but don’t do it because if you don’t no one will like you. That’s crazy thinking. In conclusion, I’m not worried so much about Georgia “sugarcoating it” as I am about them “flavoring everything with a Tabasco sauce called self-loathing lunacy.”